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Module B: 

Creative Sequencing and Meditative Techniques


Experiential learning based on the latest science and theory



Developing creativity in sequencing with a strong understanding of the relationship between form and function. 


Anatomy and Sequencing

You will learn to create new, fun and effective sequences that will make sense anatomically and help you to teach a wide variety of bodies safely.


Fascial Sequencing

You will learn to apply your understanding of fascial lines and continuities 

to create sequences that feel good, are clearly thought through, and which maximise fascial release and resilience. 


Body Awareness

You will develop your understanding of such concepts as proprioception (awareness of your body in space) and interoception (internal awareness of sensation), as well as and understanding the relevance of the nervous system and brain science.  We will consider why these are important in asana practice and sequencing.


Balance and Integrity

You will learn the components of a healthy movement practise for fascial and skeletal balance.  We will apply the concept biotensegrity, the principle of wholeness of the moving body in any sequence.


Sequence Components

You will learn to apply the components of effective sequencing, such as multi-directionality, micro-movement, and wave movement.  


Props, Modifications and Variations

You will learn to create practices and sequences that can be adapted for inclusive teaching, including teaching for beginners.


Teaching Meditation

You will develop your ability to sit and apply the tools of concentration using a variety of approaches, and then integrate meditative techniques as part of your overall sequencing.  

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