Velia Stagno


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Velia always had a strong interest in natural health, even before deciding to make it a profession back in 2014. Before then she used to work in hospitality and loved it. She found the contact with the public inspiring, fun, challenging and energising. In 2012 Velia became a mum and this changed everything. It was time to have a look at the bigger picture.

A visit to Peru exploring the ancient country’s traditions , history and beliefs helped her reconnect with herself, find inspiration and a new purpose in life. Back from her traveling she started her first course in massage at Bodyology School of Massage in London. Graduated in 2015 with a level 4 qualification in holistic massage, anatomy, physiology and pathology, accredited by the Massage Training Institute. She then went on completing a practical and theoretical diploma course of 132 hrs in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage with the London School of Thai Yoga Massage. On-site chair massage qualification with the London School of Massage is what she did next, as well as various workshops and short courses such as: myofascial release skills, lymphatic drainage techniques, massage for dancers and treating a frozen shoulders. Velia is completely in awe of, and utterly fascinated by, the body’s amazing intelligence: its ability to quickly respond to natural therapies and ultimately, regenerate and heal itself. This is why she loves empowering people to make a deep and real connection with their body, to understand it enough to be pro-active in their own healing process.  She likes to integrate different techniques into a session as this allows her to treat the receiver as a whole: mind, body and spirit .Tapping into her intuition and combining it with a scientific knowledge of the body she tailors each treatment around the client needs. Velia is one of the founders of Renaissance yoga and wellbeing.

Treatments available

Chair Massage, Deep tissue, Swedish/Thearaputic, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Thai Yoga Massage.


9am - 2pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Other availability possible on request.


Email Veila at the Studio

Or Telephone: 07884487378

Anna Balonis MOst



Anna graduated from the Univeristy College of Osteopathy ( former British School of Osteopathy) following a long career in Sports Massage and Physiotherapy. 


Anna works mainly using structural and functional osteopathic techniques and is known for her holistic approach in each case . She will advise on rehab exercises as well as on any changes around workplace setup if necessary. 


Anna treats patients of all ages. 

She has a keen interest in working with expecting and postpartum mums, young children, as well as treating sports injuries and common conditions related to sedentary work.


Anna is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

Anna has taken part in a great deal of professional development through post graduate workshops and CPD training and applies multi skills where appropriate:


- Advanced Treatment in Pregnancy and for Postpartum Woman 


- Advanced Manipulative tech of the Csp ,Tsp and Lsp


- Advanced approach to Biomechanic of the Lumbar and Sacrum  


- Advanced Treatment and Rechab for Shoulder complex


- Cranial Osteopathy  


- Dry needling


- Still Technique 


In her free time Anna enjoys discovering the world with her son, exploring journey of self development on many plains, she love practicing pilates and connecting to nature by hugging trees. 



Wed 2 - 6? 

Contact to find out for other times availability. 



Phone: 07828791226 

Keir Patrick 



Keir is a holistic massage therapist with a background in dance. He graduated from Laban and went on to London Contemporary Dance School before embarking on a professional dance career, which took him all over the world. In a sense, he has been working with his own and others’ bodies for just over twenty years, and this foundation of knowledge – coupled with a natural instinct and desire to alleviate pain, relieve tension and improve physical performance – led him to study massage at London School of Massage. He believes there are huge benefits of massage for all and is keen on developing a deeper understanding of each individual’s needs, whether to aid rehabilitation or to deeply relax the body and nervous system in times of stress. He uses a combination of techniques including oil-based massage, deep tissue, acupressure and mobilisations. Other benefits of massage include: breakdown of muscle adhesions, improved blood circulation, stimulation and flow of lymph, improvement in the appearance and elasticity of skin, relief of muscle fatigue from physical activity or postural tension, and release of endorphins.

Treatments offered

-Holistic massage 

-Chair Massage


Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3pm-8pm – additional hours may be possible subject to availability. 

Information and bookings:

07747 606565