Workshops and Events


Hands on Assists Refresher
With Jambo Truong
7/8/21 1pm - 5pm

Vortex Energy Healing - Chakra Tune Up!
With Craig Norris
8/8/21 6pm - 7.15pm
£15 In Studio only


In this healing session Craig will be using the tools of Vortex Healing to clear and optimise each individual chakra and the chakra system as a whole. The chakras are vortices of energy within the subtle body, that hold conditioning that prevent us from fully being who we are at our core. 

During this in studio healing you can relax into the bolsters and blankets to receive this beneficial energy to feel lighter and clearer to move forward into your week.

You are welcome to bring anything of your own to help you feel more comfortable laying down.

Bliss Bodywork - Open to all
With Jambo Truong
9th - 14th August

  • Rejuvenate with Ceremony, Breath, Movement and, of course, daily Bodywork Parties

  • Over the course of 6 days you will offer and receive: yoga massage, caress, oil massage, yoga stretch-work (think: Thai Massage), cranial holds, acupressure, & meridian massage

  • This is less an anatomy training and more a bliss body experience 

  • Come to receive the pleasure of yoga bodywork and massage, and learn to deliver spa-grade yoga massage

  • No prior training is necessary, but it is recommended to have experience with Yoga BodyWork, Yoga, Massage or other healing modalities, in order to get the most of this training

  • * * * Space is limited to 25 participants * * *

Handstands for Beginners and Intermediate Levels
With Alex Nino
25/9/21 11.30am - 2pm

£35 (£30 Early Bird until 31/8/21 with code ANEB30)

AJ handstand_Alexis_2018.jpg

For many adults the thought of inversions fills them with fear. From experienced yogis to complete beginners this workshop will empower attendees to see the world upside down whilst learning:

- understanding and preparation of wrists, shoulder and hips for a straight handstand (alignment, body tension)

- building condition and capacity from a horizontal to vertical position

- how to enter, and the different options to enter the handstand

- balancing: facing the wall and back to wall

- how to safely exit the handstand/ 'bailing out'

- curating a longterm learning process - a solid handstand takes time and regular practice

- suggestions for maintenance of healthy shoulders
Absolute beginners are welcome!

Alex Nino

Alex laugh_Jay.jpg

Born in Colombia, S America, Alex's love of movement began with the great outdoors. He has been coaching professionally for over 15 years in the UK, and now travels worldwide sharing his expertise.

Alex's handstand journey only started when he was 35yrs old, petrified to kick up against the wall and with little understanding or awareness of how to control his body upside down or the specific preparation needed for hand-balancing he made all the common mistakes when trying to teach himself. After realising he needed guidance Alex worked with a handful of incredible professional hand-balancers to learn from. After three years of injuries and slow progress Alex's handstand practice changed entirely and he finally started to see huge improvements.  For the last 5 years Alex has been sharing his experience and the tools to help anyone to learn how to handstand effectively and safely.

Alex doesn’t believe any one discipline has advantages over any other but that there are underlying movement principles that can help all practitioners move more effectively and efficiently. From this open-minded starting point Alex is constantly learning himself in order to be able to offer the very best to his own practice and that of his clients.

Alex gets results through his informative quality focussed approach; Understanding, Preparation, Execution (UEP), and by instilling confidence and self-belief in his clients through his extensive personal experience and trusted coaching skills.