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Keir Patrick 



Keir is a holistic massage therapist with a background in dance. He graduated from Laban and went on to London Contemporary Dance School before embarking on a professional dance career, which took him all over the world. In a sense, he has been working with his own and others’ bodies for just over twenty years, and this foundation of knowledge – coupled with a natural instinct and desire to alleviate pain, relieve tension and improve physical performance – led him to study massage at London School of Massage. He believes there are huge benefits of massage for all and is keen on developing a deeper understanding of each individual’s needs, whether to aid rehabilitation or to deeply relax the body and nervous system in times of stress. He uses a combination of techniques including oil-based massage, deep tissue, acupressure and mobilisations. Other benefits of massage include: breakdown of muscle adhesions, improved blood circulation, stimulation and flow of lymph, improvement in the appearance and elasticity of skin, relief of muscle fatigue from physical activity or postural tension, and release of endorphins.

Treatments offered

-Holistic massage 

-Chair Massage


Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3pm-8pm – additional hours may be possible subject to availability. 

Information and bookings:

07747 606565

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